Are you a personal injury victim of a

  • Auto Accident?
  • Work Place Injury?
  • Premises Liability?
  • Medical Malpractice?

Are you unable to work?

Are you worried about

  • How you will pay your bills?
  • How you will put food on the table?
  • How you will put gas in your car?

Would you like peace of mind?

At Cash Now Claims we understand that life continues when you are involved in a
personal injury suit.

The legal process can long.

Insurance companies are known to drag out the legal process. They hope that you will
accept a smaller settlement in order to get the money you need to live your life.

Cash Now Claims can help!

Cash Now Claims will get you the money you need by purchasing an interest in your
case. Not only will you receive peace of mind, but you will allow your attorney time to
maximize your lawsuit.

And, if your lawsuit results in no settlement, you keep your advance from Cash Now

There is NO RISK to you!                                It’s a Win – Win Solution!

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